Los Turros

“Turros” is an Argentinian-origin trend and slang commonly used to define people, usually young, with attraction to musical styles such as Reggaeton and Cumbia and wearing sportswear.

The slang “wachiturro” comes from the combination of the words “wachi” which is a derivative from the word “wacho” which comes from the work “guacho” which is a slang term used on people, typically young. And “turro” is a slang term used on people who likes wearing sportswear and that typically listens to cumbia.

The cumbia music is originally from Colombia, but has been since the 1970s in Argentina, especially in the working class and the inhabitants of the slums, the Villas Miserias, popular.

The Cumbia Villera groups make poor lifestyle in the slums to the main theme in their lyrics. Make him as honorable and worth living represents the residents of the villas feel so in their self-esteem strengthened and see the Cumbieros as idols. Another issue is the racism under which the ” Negros “, as the inhabitants of the slums are called by the upper class (whether they are dark-skinned or not) have to suffer, is denounced in the songs.

In addition, in the texts politicians and especially the police are criticized, which is described as violent and racist. Often it is also about sex and drug-related crime and to endure the hardships, but also often entertaining everyday life in the slums, which is used, for example, in several texts to express, which describe how a group of ” Negros ” roadside cozy wine or drink beer. The football fan culture is discussed in numerous texts.

Cumbia Villera Mode
The appearance of the Cumbia Villera was accompanied by a fad, similar to the fashion of the hip- hop movement. Length pants, expensive sneakers, sweatshirts with hoods and baseball caps given the fashion for boys and men, while the women for going out short mini skirts and colorful tops, but during the day also wore surf shorts and baggy jeans.

This fad is now promoted in the slums largely standard fashion. It is particularly prevalent among small-time criminals, the so-called chorros.