Nazi Furries in Fort Collins

Alt-furry”..? What’s behind it?

Furries Ft Collins

Being a member of the furry community comes with automatic stereotypes of sexual deviancy and social isolation. Recent accusations of ties to the alt-right are making things worse.

Furries are people who have an affinity for animals with physical human traits like bipedalism and body structure. Members of this subculture typically create fursonas for themselves, which are essentially alternate personas in the form of an animal. These fursonas can be expressed through art, digital avatars or life-size fursuits that can cost up to several thousand

In 2017, the Fort Collins furry community was brought under a microscope from national publications like “Rolling Stone” and “Vice” due to alleged connections between a local furry social group known as the Furry Raiders and the alt-right movement.

Fort Collins resident, Lee Miller, who also goes by the fursona Foxler Nightfire, is the leader of the Furry Raiders. Miller is a controversial figure in the furry community, even warranting his own page on WikiFur, a furry’s version of Wikipedia.

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