Yahoo Boys: Nigeria’s Underground Conmen

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Los Punks

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Izikhothane: South Africa’s Bizarre Money-Burning Trend

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Parisian Rockabilly Gangs

In the early 80s, French photographer Gilles Elie Cohen documented the lifestyle of two Parisian youth groups and their obsession with the American subculture of the 1950s. The French-Tunisian photographer and documentary-maker met the Vikings in 1982, a rockabilly group of disaffected, ethnically mixed youths from the Paris suburbs, and started following them night and …

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Faeries Subculture

The news is out: fairies are the latest cultural craze, “creating a pop culture wave” worth billions of dollars. Major films like The Spiderwick Chronicles, video releases like the Barbie Fairytopia series (which has now also been turned into a hit musical for the stage), best-selling books such as Fairyopolis and the Artemis Fowl collection, and Nikelodeon’s …

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We tend to get really fixated on the idea of losing our virginity, but for some guys, their focus on it borders on obsession. Some men (and a few women) who have never had sex despite all efforts describe themselves as “incel,” which stands for involuntary celibacy. That would be all well and good on …

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