Los Punks

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Izikhothane: South Africa’s Bizarre Money-Burning Trend

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Retro: French Rockabilly

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Vampires Malawi

The police of the African state of Malawi arrested 140 people suspected of involvement in gangs that attacked persons allegedly engaged in vampirism. The panic associated with the alleged vampire activity spanned the southern regions of the country in mid-September. Citizens of one of the poorest states of the world immediately got into gangs of …

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Punk rock is thriving in the backyards of South Central and East Los Angeles. A cobbled-together family of Hispanic teens and young adults comprise the scene: bands, fans, production, marketing, and security interwoven into a sub-culture of thrash and noise and pits. California emerged as a hub of American punk music with L.A. considered as …

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Valeria Lukyanova

Plastic surgery and body modification is very common these days with people striving to attain the perfect look, whether it be to mimic their favorite celebrity or mask their own insecurities. But have you heard about living dolls? Subculture Safari takes looks into into the strange world of living dolls—people who spend elaborate amounts of …

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Dawg Fight

In the southwest Miami-Dade County neighborhood of West Perrine, hundreds of locals would regularly gather around a homemade back yard boxing ring to witness young men punch each other without gloves, with no medical staff on standby, and few rules to govern the fights. Billy Corben, the Miami-based filmmaker behind “Cocaine Cowboys” and “The U,” …

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Izikhothane (or Skothane or Ukukhothana) refers to South African showmanship or dance battles in which individuals or groups of individuals compete against each other in front of large crowds to determine which party is wealthier. These ‘battles’ are performed using material items such as money, mobile phones, clothes, and/or alcohol. In most instances a battle …

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Parisian Rockabilly Gangs

In the early 80s, French photographer Gilles Elie Cohen documented the lifestyle of two Parisian youth groups and their obsession with the American subculture of the 1950s. The French-Tunisian photographer and documentary-maker met the Vikings in 1982, a rockabilly group of disaffected, ethnically mixed youths from the Paris suburbs, and started following them night and …

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Faeries Subculture

The news is out: fairies are the latest cultural craze, “creating a pop culture wave” worth billions of dollars. Major films like The Spiderwick Chronicles, video releases like the Barbie Fairytopia series (which has now also been turned into a hit musical for the stage), best-selling books such as Fairyopolis and the Artemis Fowl collection, and Nikelodeon’s …

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